The Story

Every traveler deserves real insight into the cultures of countries they’re visiting.
And every amazing place on Earth deserves to be visited and recognized.
We believe unique local knowledge and real human connection are irreplaceable
when it comes to true comprehension of another culture.

With this vision in mind we created Daytrip, a platform dedicated to connecting travelers between
major cities and tourist spots with local guides, in the summer of 2015. We’re a diverse
team with years of combined experience in travel industry and information
technology, apart from being passionate travel enthusiasts ourselves.

The Founding Team

Tomáš Turek

Computer enthusiast with a degree in environmental management, Tomas ended up founding and successfully growing a transportation company for travelers to Central Europe, CK Shuttle. With five years of this invaluable experience he decided to pursue a broader vision with the idea of Daytrip.

Markéta Bláhová

Social media guru and ever-dreaming traveler, Marketa is the one you can probably thank for discovering Daytrip. After three years of shaping online campaigns for corporate clients, she quit the job with a major agency to co-found Daytrip and help share its ambitious vision with the world.

Tom Marius & Petr Brabec

Some say they were born with square fingertips to match the keyboard. Truth is, learning to write and learning to code were synonymous to them. The one-time prodigies now form the heart of Daytrip's web development team.

Valeriia Tolstolujskaya

After graduation from the University of Kharkiv, Ukraine, where she excelled in computer science, Valeriia moved to Prague to work on interesting and ambitious projects. She complements Daytrip's engineering team with full-stack skills ranging from web front end to database to mobile app development.

Jan Prokop

Having lived and worked in four countries in seven years, Jan has always enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. After working with travellers at such diverse places as the Pacific coast, Italian Alps or picturesque Cesky Krumlov, he’s THE one to know their needs & pass this knowledge on to our partner drivers.

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