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Hallein is a historic Austrian town famous around the world for its “white gold” salt mines that were once the source of Salzburg’s wealth. 
Eagles Nest was the name given to Hitler’s ‘teahouse’ by the American soldiers who occupied Bavaria in 1945. 
With platitudes such as “The most beautiful place in Germany” frequently used to describe this municipality nestling between the Berchtesgader Alps, it has much to live up to. 
This lavish complex of royal buildings located on an island in Chiemsee, Bavaria’s largest lake, is home to Ludwig II’s Versailles-inspired palace. 
Although actually a city in Bavaria, Rosenheim more closely resembles a picture book town with its distinctive alpine charm and sweeping panoramic mountain views. 
When approaching the Alpine town of Kufstein in Austria, there is one landmark that can be seen for miles around and is impossible to miss – The Kufstein Fortress. 
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